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txtWiki is an extremely basic wiki engine. It is written entirely in PHP, and uses .txt files to store its data, so it does not require a database, such as MySQL. The script is approximately 9 KB, and a single file (not including the .txt files). It is intended for small wikis. It requires PHP version 5.1 or higher.

Download (8 KB)

Main Features

txtWiki has a lot of features that most larger wiki engines have, like wiki syntax, page history, and password protection. There are a lot of features that will hopefully be added, but txtWiki will never be as robust as other engines, like MediaWiki or DokuWiki. The goal of this script was to be as small and portable as possible.

txtWiki txtWiki Edit


txtWiki is still under very active development. Suggestions, comments, and bug reports via email are greatly appreciated.